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Kendray has years of experience helping to mediate between people, conducting personal development coaching, and contributing to the improvement in systems in workplaces.


He has a great passion in helping others solve issues, coaching and inspiring people to become better versions of themselves and motivating them to achieve their goals in life. Kendray has a dream where everyone would become helpful and caring for each other in the future!


He has a strong interest in studying and analysing a person's behaviour, body language, and micro-expressions. Having understood the person's behavioural pattern, Kendray is then able to work effectively with them, helping them in their personal development.


Being able to see the people he helped achieve the break-through result in their life gives him a great sense of satisfaction.

  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering

  • Professional Experience as Business Operations Manager

  • ACTA certified trainer

  • Inspirational & Life Engineering Coach


Coaching Expertise:

Wilson Low.jpg

​“A picture speaks a thousand words”. 

This was the saying that sparked the flame in Wilson when he first got his hands on a camera as a gift. 

Since then, he believes that pictures can help to seize the very moment for people as they walk down their precious memory lane. Be it sad or happy; celebratory or tearful, every image tells a special story.


Wilson has a strong passion for photography and videography, and his passion can be seen through each snap as he fine-tunes his camera lens for each shot. 

Wilson is a partner of WisePolyglot, and he has been working alongside with WisePolyglot’s projects. He does the video production and photography for the various workshops conducted by WisePolyglot, and he wants to be the right person, capturing the right moments at the right time. 

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Natalie herself is a strong believer of personal development from a very young age. She believes that by continuously developing oneself, one can create own destiny and she is now living the life she dreamed of as a child; living overseas with a fulfilling career and a happy family. She is now working for her passion as a Positive Mindset Development Coach and a Thai Language Success Coach.

She believes that emotional intelligence and a positive entrepreneurial mindset are the keys to success and she always advocates the message through her life and career coaching programs.

In her long-term career as a People Development & HR manager, she has managed to help, coach and guide a lot of colleagues and candidates on their personal and professional development.


As a positive mindset development coach, she hopes to share what she has learned through her work and life experiences with others to help them work towards their self-actualization to be able to create opportunities for themselves for whatever goals that they are after so they can turn their dreams into reality.



Coaching Expertise:

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