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Attracting the right candidates

Meeting Mr/Ms Right is usually not an easy job for most people, the same goes to hiring Mr/Ms/Mrs Right for your company.

If you pay close attention to the details of your hiring process with some strategic planning and candidate evaluation process, it can significantly increase your chances in hiring the right person for your company.

The extra time and efforts spent in the hiring process for the right fit is much more efficient than spending it on trying to adjust or fix the wrong candidates to make them fit in their roles and your company’s work culture and in the end, your efforts will most likely go wasted.

In many companies, this is the usual steps of hiring process:

1) Post a job advertisement 2) Check candidates’resume and shortlist some candidates for an interview 3) Hire or keep on looking

How is your hiring process?

Personally, as I am an HR Manager who came from design studies background so I believe that the hiring process can be more creative than that. The recruitment process of today is no longer about having HRs selecting the candidates, the candidates nowadays are also selecting their potential employers too, especially good candidates, they have plenty of choices too.

For HR practitioners, we have to be very clear about “Why should they join us?” and ” What makes us stand out from other employers?” It means that the recruitment and interview process should not be just about “Why we should hire you?”but it should be about creating a positive experience for your candidates to remember your company and be enthusiastic to join in and excited to contribute to the success of your company.

Recruitment process can actually be integrated with marketing & branding process too, only with a different target group who are candidates instead of customers.

If your hiring goals are to attract quality candidates with good qualifications and high potentials to apply for a job at your company, you also have to be an attractive employer to attract these high-quality candidates. Get the right person to conduct an interview with your shortlisted candidates, as this person will be the representative for your company’s image as an employer.

In most interviews, I had attended in my life, people who interviewed me, were generally serious and tried to ask questions to check if I could be the right fit for their company in terms of skills, past experience, willingness to work hard/long hours and explain what I would be expected to do but hardly any HR I met tried to get to know me as a person.

Have you ever tried to understand a candidate as a person? By trying to understand their lifestyle, dreams, life goals, personal interest, hobbies, family background, their life philosophy, way of thinking, what they are looking for in a new career, what motivates them, you can better evaluate if you like them as a person and most likely if you do, you will like them as a team member too.

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