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Self-improvement project – a change for the better

How comfortable are you with the word “change”? All of us have some sort of long built habits that have become our characters and attitude and that explains why most of us tend to live life on an”autopilot” mode. We choose to eat certain food more often that another, we hang out at the regular places, we meet up with only a few close friends as well as we may even use the same thinking to solve the problems we encounter in life too.

Would you want to have a routine life or a progressive life? Routine things are more predictable and usually become a comfort zone that keeps people to stay inside. It is fine if you are truely happy with your usual routine choices and especially your routine-self. But if you ever think that you can still be a better person than who you are now to attract better things into your life and live the life you dream of, changes for the better are necessary and it must start from the willingness to change from within.

Internal Change – Improvement from the inside out To be able to have a better external outcome, you will need to change the internal input and even adjust the way you think if that is what caused the problems in the first place. Remember, you can’t solve the same problems with the same thinking.

For example, if you have failed relationships, think about what could have been the internal issues behind it or any part of your attitude or behaviour that might have limited you to be the right person for that special someone. When you know what went wrong behind the past issues in your life, look into how you can improve from there and prevent the similar problems in the future.

You can also improve yourself internally by choosing what input you feed into your mind like gaining new perspective from reading more about personal development articles, learning from more positive and wise friends or getting yourself a life coach if you think you need a professional help.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes BIG difference” – Winston Churchill

External Change – Improvement from the outside in It has been said that we should not judge people from the outside but most of the times, we are judged by the outside. Most of the time, people can’t help it either as none of us is capable enough to immediately see what is on the inside of other people. Think about when you go for a job interview, go on your first date, meet a new friend at a party, have a meeting with your first time customer, wouldn’t the first impression counts?

How you look, sound and the way you make people feel has a lot of impact on how others think of you and whether or not you are the right person for them, may it be as friends, colleagues, employers, customers or a life partner.

Look at yourself in the mirror, listen to your own tone of voice, accent and pronunciation, observe yourself how you interact with other people, watch your manner towards others and pay attention to the word choice you use when you communicate with others.

The way you make people feel effects how they think of you and therefore, how they will treat you, and the way people treat you effects how you feel and it shows in the way you carry yourself.

When you feel you are well-liked or accepted by others and able to build quality relationships with people around you, it boosts your confidence level and self-esteem internally and therefore, how you carry yourself externally.

One thing to keep in mind, working on self-improvement doesn’t mean you have to try to be the perfect person (nobody is anyway) or change to be someone you are not, but it means to work around being the best you and doing your best with whatever you have from the inside and the outside. There is no harm in trying to be the best version of yourself, you can possibly be, reaching out for your full potential and live the life you dream of.

“To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.” -Winston Churchill

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