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What is your life purpose?

Are you enjoying what you are doing right now?

Are you feeling excited or dragging your feet to work?

If it's the latter, why is that so?

Recall the day when you took on this journey. What was it that inspires you in the beginning? Was it a hopeful and promising path?

If it was, what has changed in between?

What are the issues that are now causing you to feel less excited about going to work?


  • Have you tried any means in solving it?

  • Have you found and confronted the root cause?

  • Have you done your best?

Sometimes when a situation gets more challenging, the first thought that often comes to our mind would be to run away. But by running away from the problem, we would not get to learn and develop the new skill that is required to progress to the next level. And, what happens if it occurs again?

Or would it be better to face it and do your best to solve it now? Even if we have failed, we will get to discover what works and what doesn’t. What do you think?

And if from the beginning, it was another journey just to get by, Fyodor Dostoyevsky once quoted:

"With a purpose in life, Life can then be more fulfiling"

What would be your "purpose in life" that can bring you true happiness?

For example, most people would say that their purpose in life, is to help others.

Helping others get out of their pain - Doctor, Dentist, Coach, Psychologist, etc...

Helping to spread happiness to others - Entertainer, Artist, Front desk customer-salesperson, Singer, Actor, etc...

Helping to develop people and create a caring society - Charity volunteers, coach, etc...

Now, what is yours?

Feel free to chat with me!

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