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Failures and perseverance are the earlier steps before success

"Rome was not built in a day"

To achieve greater success in life, the next fundamental value a person has to possess is:


Occasionally, you might meet some people who speak of achieving their goals as if it is a guaranteed success (with just a few days of work) before they even start the journey.

Usually, it would require a person to put in weeks, months, or years of preparation and effort in achieving one's goals.

It is like going for a 42 km marathon. We have to exercise and condition our body to be ready for the day, and it would be reckless to sign up for the marathon on impulse and turn up on that day without any preparation (while having the expectation to complete the race with an excellent timing like the other runners).

I mean, we could. But after 10 km, we might start to feel nauseous with our legs aching, and wonder if we are able to complete the run at all (Unless we are walking throughout the whole journey).

To me, embarking ourselves on a journey to achieve our goals in life is akin to participating in a 42 km marathon, and there is no point of return once the race has started.

It is either we persevere (keep moving) and complete the journey, or we can choose to condition our body (prior to the marathon) to help make our journey more manageable.

It is easy to give up halfway, but ask yourself:

What would you gain if you were to persevere (even if you were to fail)?

  • Realising the pain of failure?

  • Level of confidence reduced?

  • Loss of motivation?

From another perspective, would you agree if I were to say that, even if you were to fail, as long as you persevere, you have already gained:

  • A deeper understanding and knowledge of the situation

  • The precious (and useful) experience

Think about how will those experience help you in return?

Thomas Edison once said:

Now, on the other side of the coin:

What will we lose if we do not persevere?

  • The shot at success?

  • Time spent will be wasted?

  • Everything will still be the same as before

For those who persevered, they will tell you that they have no regrets of what happened even when they have failed.

It is because they know that they have put in 110% of their effort, and sometimes things do happen. Often than not, these people succeeded in achieving their goals eventually.

"Would you regret failing, or would you regret not persevering in working towards your goal?"

Every journey is tough, and:


1) When was the last time you persevere on achieving something?

2) Did you achieve the goals you set out to accomplish?

If your answers are YES to the above questions. Congratulations!

You are another step nearer to being successful!

3) If not, what was the experience gained, and how is that able to help you in the future?

Whenever you feel like giving up halfway, always remember:

"Failure takes great delight in tripping

a person when success is almost within reach"

(Napoleon Hill)

People Development Coach

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