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What is the priority of your Success?

Many people whom I speak with, desire to be successful in life. Who wouldn't want to, right?

To some, success means having more recognition in life, having more wealth or having more time for personal lifestyle and travel.

To some others, success means having more time for the family, having a high position in a corporate company, having achieved all their goals in their life, or even as simple as having great health!

What is your definition of success? What does it look like to you? Is it:

  1. Family togetherness

  2. Achieving goals in life

  3. As simple as staying healthy

  4. Having a high position in the company

  5. Achieving financial freedom / Become Wealthy

  6. Commanding respect from people at work and in life

  7. Or... (Your definition of success)

There are so many things that we want to achieve in life, but the question is, which one would be of the top priority to you right now (although many of it seems to be important)?

Often, people would choose more than two, and that is perfectly normal. You can choose to include everything from the list above, and all you have to do is to list it down starting from your "top priority" to your "least priority".

Once you're done, my message for today is:

Many times in life, we could be occupied with many things at once, but what differs us from the rest, is our ability to prioritise our focus consistently.

Once you know the priority of what you should focus on each time, you will definitely be able to progress more effectively towards your successes.

If you desire to be successful, keep prioritising, keep persisting, and lastly, keep growing (through learning)!

People Development Coach

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