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Evolution of technology - Be the change, be the same

Global warming is happening, and yet it seems that people are not any getting warmer towards others.

With the evolution of technology, communication becomes faster and easier nowadays.

With tech companies coming up with better phones to replace the previous versions, we now have mobile phones that have many functions, and operates way more efficient than the predecessors. And as we progress in life, we constantly pursue such technology that helps make our life easier. While this helps reduce the waiting time that we used to wait for, it also inadvertently reduces... our... patience... level... And yet:

With social media, we can now easily connect with many people, and we can get to know their lives through their postings on the social media platform. We get to know what they ate, know where they went, know what occasion they celebrated, and yet... it still seems that we do not really know them that well... And it is still true that...

With communication apps, we can now send our messages in emoticons, in voice clips, in pictures, and even in video format with better quality. It helps us relay our message of how we feel, with a simple emoticon. While these are great innovations that help us express ourselves, and yet, it has somehow become something that replaced us in expressing our feelings...

With phones that can now take many great quality photos and videos, we are able to store memories with a quick snap of the moment. And when accidents happen, there are some who would instinctively be taking out their phone to record the incident and uploading it to the social media to raise awareness. While this is good to be kept as a form of evidence to the incident, what could be the outcome if we were to lend our hand during the incident? Would we be able to save a life? Or would we be able to create positive changes in others' life?

Author: Kendray Lau

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