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Helping your business progress through people development

Many organisations are willing to invest in their team member's growth by sending them to courses that are related to the work (E.g. Technical skills, and work-related soft skills).

However, there are only a handful of organisations that encourage their team member to grow by working on their passion/aspiration; something that motivates them intrinsically; something that keeps them sprinting towards (to grow into someone they would like to become).

What Benefit?

Some of you might ask: "What is the benefit of the company in grooming the team members towards their personal goal?". Some of you might even question if the team member would continue to stay once they have achieved their goal, and the total time spent on grooming that person would have been wasted if they were to leave.

So, here are the questions to ponder on:

  • Would you have a team of people who are satisfied with their current position (being comfortable carrying out routine tasks) and avoid tasks that are out of their usual job scope? Or, people who feel stressed/uncomfortable when assigned to tasks that challenge them to improve on the "usual-out-of-date" protocol?

  • Or, would you prefer a team of people who are (motivated by their own passion/aspiration) willing to learn and do more to improve themselves, and coming up with ideas/solutions (With the knowledge gained from their consistent effort to learn) to help the company and themselves grow?

Again, some of you might ask: "How would the focus on the team members' personal aspiration aligned to the growth or progress of the company?"

By first welcoming their personal aspiration, it removes their limitations of the belief that they are limited to grow in a prescribed confined space. With such psychological liberation, you will be able to see your team presenting more creative ideas and solutions to solve any complex issues.

For the next step, it would be in helping them to identify the linkage between their passion/interests to the roles that they could potentially be involved in within the organisation, and provide them with the opportunity to take up the additional roles.

The rationale is relatively straightforward:

If a person is given the opportunity to work on things that motivate them intrinsically (passion/aspiration/interest), the person will definitely do their best to excel at the tasks given and would find ways to improve the current systems and "technology".

There was a quote that says:

Train people well enough so they can leave; Treat them well enough so they don't want to Richard Branson

Equip them with skills and maximise their growth during their period of employment and what you would have gained would be a person who once "value-added" to the growth and progress of your organisation (even if they were to leave someday).

For people with aspiration/interest (And yet to take any action):

Now, picture this:

You have a strong interest in an area that is different from the current role that you are working on. How would your days be like, if you are unable to work on your passion/interest?

Next question to ask yourself is: How would you incorporate your passion/interest into your current workplace or role?

Once you are done answering the above questions, I would like you to discuss with me your response to help you work towards your aspirations! I will be waiting!

Author: Kendray Lau

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